Marble Machine

by Wintergatan

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Gunto Thineshire
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Gunto Thineshire To anyone who thinks this is a simple gimmick of an atypical instrument: it's not. Even aside from the incredible technical work that went into creating this track, it's legitimately good to listen to. Recommended for everyone to try!
Mauro Orlando
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Mauro Orlando Could a piece of music be raw and sophisticated at the same time? Could be both rough and silky? Yes! Sometimes it happens.
Alan Matu
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Alan Matu 35 million people discovered Marble Machine before I did, but that doesn't matter because now I have discovered Wintergatan. Everyone that sees the Marble Machine video, should explore what this wonderful band of musicians play, when the Marble Machine is not on stage.
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released March 6, 2016
Composed and Produced by Martin Molin
Cover photo by Samuel Westergren



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